Lagunitas Las Vegas Mural
Maxfield Bala is an international muralist, graphic designer and fine artist, As a self taught artist, Bala's work traverses numerous mediums and features a style of work embodying high levels of detail, bold colors, distinctive concepts and truly unique ideas. With an immense passion for creation even at a very young age, Bala's Inspiration comes from the internal digestion of everyday occurrences, events and childhood memories. From mural projects painted internationally in places like Cancun, Mexico or Gallery exhibitions in places like Seoul, South Korea Maxfield's legacy as a young artist continues to grow. Maxfield founded Maxfield Bala Art and Design with the goal to provide the utmost in high quality mural, branding, graphic design, consulting, and more for clients worldwide.
WE're All Just a kid from somewhere mural series
Intrepid Group Office Mural
Petaluma, CA Chicken Mural

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Hard Rock Hotel Mural
Petaluma Police WIP Mural
2K Games Mural
Bay LaUrel Map Mural
Zumiez X Woodward Cabin Project
Lagunitas Couch Trippin' Mural
Dexter Howard Mural
2 Mile Surf Shop Mural
The Secret KitcHEN Dragon Mural
Petaluma City School Murals
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